Meaningful content requires more than a good idea to make an application sucessful.
Interdisciplinary teams, careful project management, agile strategies, staying in time with deliveries and a great interaction with our clients transform good into valuable.


Clients first. Before we start we want our clients to join the team. Together we explore the project from all perspectives - this is a time of freedom and creativity.


We follow an agile strategy. Implementation follows a continuous improvement cycle, exposing flaws faster and adjusting needs which may change during the process to ensure real value for the final result.


... certainly the most exciting event. But what's almost more important to us is what comes next. Our biggest compliment is when clients come back and let us develop their future. Some do this for over 15 years.

Application One InsideUnic


We have been cooperating with the Swiss companies One Inside and Unic AG. In international project teams, we work on web presences for major customers of both companies.