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Big Data Analytics

Big data, data analytics, business intelligence …

Are these the methods that will characterize the business world of the future?
Or are they just buzz words used by technophile trendsetters? Is data really the ‘new oil’?
Or is it a passing fad?

At Folge 3, we firmly believe that data and its analysis will play a more prominent role for businesses in the future.
It will influence not only decision makers and financial controllers, but also staff in various departments as much as in marketing and sales.

Increasingly, many companies are finding themselves confronted with ever greater volumes of data on account of the progression of digitalization.

We identified questions, that keep reoccurring throughout all sectors:

How can I use the incoming data…

… to obtain more precise insights?

… to plan for the future?

… to increase the company’s performance?

Folge 3 supports authorities, institutions and organizations in developing data analytics solutions.
We develop projects in cooperation with our clients, ensure implementation and upon demand operate the solution.

At the beginning of a project we support you in defining objectives and selecting methods.
We develop project specifications and develop scenarios for implementing these.
We help to determine what the right tools are, and set up the processes necessary for our clients’ success.
If necessary, we carry out the projects independently, or support staff in implementing them.

Folge 3 has many years of experience in implementing recommender systems, structuring and operating ontology-based applications,
visualizing large volumes of data and retrieving text-based information. Using Reshin, our data platform, we conduct specific data mining and enable real time data analytics as a continuous process.

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Our services
  • define objectives for data products and processes
  • implement continuous processes
  • recommender-systems
  • ontology
  • information retrieval
  • continous real time data analytics