Data MonitoringFolge 3


The ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) offers real-time analytics and custom dashboarding as an open-source solution. Elastic is used as a flexible big data store by the top Fortune 500 companies. Logstash ensures continuous importing of data, and Kibana allows its flexible visualization.

Being available as open source, solutions can be set up and tried out quickly using the ELK stack. The higher the requirements are, the more complex planning, installation and operation becomes. At that point at the latest, it is worth putting trust in collaborating with specialists.

Folge 3 offers support in using ELK

  • Configuration of Elastic
  • Efficient log parsing with Logstash
  • Building dashboards with Kibana
  • Implementing custom expansions for Elastic, Logstash, Kibana

We have developed expansions for more sophisticated installations using Reshin, the data analytics platform which can be operated securely in companies with the ELK platform, allowing to use ELK not only for monitoring and visualization but data analytics, too.

Our services
  • resilient Elastic setup
  • write Logstash configurations efficiently
  • enhance and improve Kibana
  • plan and implement continuous tracking
  • increase ELK’s capabilities