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Smart Data for businesses

Flexible dashboards for companies – Reshin visualizes your data quickly and individually, and it is accessible wherever you are: in the office or mobile.

Reshin is based on Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana – thoroughly tried-and-tested tools for use with big data – and it also offers user administration and data management. You decide which data to import and who has access to it.

There are many use cases for Reshin:

  • Log file monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Excel dashboard replacement
  • Data analysis
  • Internet-of-things
  • Web tracking

In Reshin you have a tool that supports all your visualization requirements.

We have developed industry solutions for publishers which cover everyday analysis needs and allow flexible expansion. For example, the IVW dashboard reduces the effort of daily IVW tracking to just a few minutes. [IVW = German Information Association for the Establishment of the Distribution of Advertising]. And click tracking provides live information about the traffic on your website.

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Our services
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  • product specification
  • application design
  • implementation
  • agile development
  • server administration
  • SaaS operating