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As part of a prototype project for Schneider-Neureuthner Partner AG (SNP), we have explored how complex information can be intuitively represented and used.

On behalf of its customers, SNP is carrying out SAP transformations, during which detailed insights into customer systems are required. In large companies, SAP systems create complex, linked structures which vary in different ways depending on the angle and task in hand. These structures cannot be easily illustrated with simple, tabular representations. Therefore, they do not facilitate intuitive access and do not demonstrate their effectiveness in the transformation process adequately.

We have implemented three measures in the prototype that allow structures to be represented more clearly and used more effectively:

  • Using a modern, information-centred layout supports detecting relevant information quicker.
  • Use-case oriented aggregations reduce the wealth of information and only present the details germane to the current task.
  • Interactive tools structure the information separately for the respective context. They offer options for changing perspectives and for focusing on specific aspects of currently relevant structures.
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