TRENDONE is a renowned Hamburg consulting firm for strategic future issues & trends.
In times when disruptive ideas, innovative developments and radical technical progress challenge many industries, enterprises structure themselves increasingly new. Innovation processes are being embedded into organizations and are the foundation for continuous adaptation of future development. TRENDONE provides substantial information about current trends for many different business environments. In addition, the Hamburg-based company has created a platform with the necessary tools for researching, evaluating and recording future developments and provides insights how a company is prepared for relevant trends.

One of these tools is the Trendmanager with the integrated Trendradar. The Trendmanager assists companies to detect relevant developments from all mega, macro and micro trends identified by TRENDONE. It allows them to store all findings in a company-specific trend pool and evaluates their future impact on the company. For these tasks, the Trendradar offers various views that categorize trends and correlates them. The view “Recommendations for Action” is subdivided into the three fields “Act”, “Prepare” and “Watch” and provides an overview of how relevant trends should be taken into account for innovation processes and corporate decisions. “Readiness Gap“ delivers insights into weaknesses and excellences of a company and where the focus should be set to ensure a successful future development.

In close cooperation with TRENDONE Folge 3 developed the views of the Trendradar over a period of several months by subsequently creating the visual concept and finally ensuring the implementation of the dynamic and animated views.

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