We are specialists in planning, designing and implementing digital information.
We help clients to communicate their content in various digital media most effectively and ensure continuing revolution.


Every project has its own problems to solve. There are no rules to the game. Finding the right answers to the right problems will transform a project into a successful human-centric user experience.


We love all kinds of data, the more complex the better. Our challenge is to implement tools or applications which make data accessible, workable and therefore valuable.


Good information has to communicate to the target audience. A unique visual concept is inevitable and plays an essential role for the success of the project.

Christoph Fröhlich - Geschäftsführer der Folge 3 GmbH

CEO Christoph Fröhlich

Anja Künzel - Geschäftsführerin der Folge 3 GmbH

CEO Anja Künzel